1889 - 1921

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Name Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Additional Information
Allen, William July 18, 1891 Crystal Twp heart disease died at the home of John Metcalf
Ames, Hiram September 21, 1916 Pierson Died after loading a wagon full of ice from "acute indigestion causing pressure on heart"  
Andrews, Emanual August 19, 1912 Stanton Struck in back of head by an Erie Box Car Fireman for train #31 on the Pere Marquette railroad
Archer, Anna July 16, 1900 Bushnell Twp ingesting Paris Green Husband - Frank Archer
Auten, Nathan Feb 22, 1894 Not given gunshot - accidental died at his farm - loaded shotgun accidently went off while he was climbing over a pair of bars or fins
Benjamin, Coral October 20, 1909 Bloomer Twp, farm of James Handlon Suicide by hanging Twin brother, Witmer, age 23
Black, Amanda June 24, 1890 2 miles E of Lakeview Struck and killed by train Lived in Winfield Twp
Blumberg, Charles W June 19, 1909 Douglass Twp Near son's farm - organic heart disease Clarence Blumberg, son
Brooks, Druzilla Jan 5, 1890 Bloomer Twp. Suicide; slashed wrists  
Campbell, William L August 12, 1900 Greenville Murdered Inquest held at the barn of C. William Aplin - believe a Samuel Aplin killed Wm Campbell
Christensen, Lewis May 16, 1902 4 miles East & 3 miles North of Trufant Broken neck from falling off a wagon pulled by team of horses  
Christensen, Peter July 9, 1900 Gowen Suicide - hanging age 54 yrs 11 mo 10 days
Conners, John August 17, 1899 Bloomer Twp Heart issues Age about 70
Coughlin, James November 29, 1919 Pierson  Suicide - gunshot wound  
Davis, Edwin C Sep 15, 1892 At his residence on Lincoln St. in Lakeview Suicide; killed himself with a revolver  
Davis, James September 18, 1909 Sidney Died from accidental fall from wagon  
Drew, James November 27, 1901 1 1/2 miles S of Carson City falling from moving wagon and being dragged while in a state of intoxication  
Evans, Andrew Feb 11, 1891 Cato Twp heart disease  
Fisher, George January 12, 1908 Crystal Twp Suicide by hanging  
Fountain, Frank June 23, 1900 Lakeview Strangled from either something he ate or drank while eating at the Hotel Decker  
Frazell, George M May 13, 1890 Bloomer Twp Suicide; cut artery with knife  
Fredrick, James K Jan 11, 1896 Day Twp Natural causes Inquest indicated he was having stomach problems for 4 months - daughters Gracia and Loveda
Graham, Dorcus Agusta (Mrs.) August 12, 1916 Winfield Twp Suicide by hanging  
Greenhoe, Ida M Jun 30, 1892 Sheridan Inflamation of brain daughter of George Neff
Hamacher, Hawley September 23, 1902 Greenville Suicide - gunshot wound  
Hamp, Henry N April 5, 1921 Stanton Self-inflicted gunshot wound  
Hersey, Isaac April 15, 1909 Greenville Died in fire of unknown origin at his barn   
Hill, Christtiab Karl February 3, 1913 Trufant, Maple Valley Twp Died at home from coughing and broken blood vessels Age 75 yrs, 1 mo, 18 days.  Died at son's (Charles) home.
Hillis, Hugh May 30, 1910 Douglass Twp Died close to his home of a possible heart attack Brother - George Hillis
Hopkins, Benjamin April 1889 Belvidere Twp, Section 31 Suicide; stabbed himself Skeleton found in woods on Nov 28, 1891
Hoyt, Theodore Feb 22, 1899 Evergreen Twp Possibly caused by horse rearing up and striking him Age 23; father MW Hoyt, brother Orman Hoyt
Hutchins, Edgar April 12, 1920 Stanton Hit by Pere Marquette Train #37  
Hysell, Baylous September 7, 1916 Pierson Twp Found dead, most likely killed by the engine of the J R & J Railroad  
Jensen, Marie Bertine (Mrs.) June 12, 1916 Maple Valley Heart failure - bedridden past 13 yrs Daughter, Martha (Charles) Jensen
Johnson, John November 23, 1911 Coral, Maple Valley Twp Acute alcoholism  
Jorgensen, Kern Marie Christen (Mrs.) April 25, 1917 Pine Twp ingesting Paris Green Husband - Nels Jorgensen
Kent, Elias March or April 1891 Woods, SE corner of Cato Twp Inquest suspected foul play but could not prove it. Daughter, Mrs. Christensen
Klees, Emma April 15, 1910 Ferris Twp, resident of Joseph Klees Suicide by ingesting Paris Green Husband - Joseph Klees
Knapp, Charles Jun 5, 1892 Howard City Attempting to couple cars on the Grand Rapids & Indiana RR when his head was crushed by lumber projecting from one of the cars forcing him into another car.  
Lacy, Hezekiah Dec 26, 1896 At his home in McBrides heart disease Wife - Mary L.
Lake, Carrie Bell (Mrs.) July 20, 1911 4 miles NE of Trufant "Heart Expansion caused by hysteria" Age 19yrs, 8 mo, 9 days.  Died at home
Larsen, Christen November 1, 1911 Trufant, Maple Valley Twp Killed on railroad tracks Inquest found man was very hard of hearing and was on the tracks during a bizzard
Lucas, Gerard R May 12, 1903 Lucas farm 3/4 miles south of Stanton, Sidney Twp Died at house, cause unknown but believed to be an overdose of laudanum taken on purpose or by mistake  
Martin, John On or about Oct 23, 1899? Poss Trufant killed on Railroad   All papers are missing from file except for a note that was sent with the money found on Mr. Martin at the time of his death.
Mason, Kester S July 26, 1920 Greenville Struck by Pere Marquette passenger train  
Mathews, John May 13, 1889 Crystal Twp Accidental overdose of Aconite  
McBride, Thomas March 11, 1889 Hotel in Sheridan died from natural causes Age was between 60-70.  County paid to have him buried, cemetery not given.
McConnell, Harvey L March 10, 1910 Stanton Death by accident of Pere Marquette railroad Worked as brakeman - struck by railroad car - age 25, b. 7 Feb 1885
Morton, William July 10, 1900 Greenville Suicide by taking Sulphate of morphine  
Mosier, Oliver April 21, 1909 Evergreen Twp Suicide by hanging  
Newell, Ferdinand June 28, 1914 Coral Suicide - gunshot wound  
Nielsen, Christian (Christensen) October 30, 1917 Five miles west of Trufant Found dead in barn yard at home by daughter Daughter, Dag?? Nielsen, son-in-law, MP Jensen
Nielsen, Marie Fralick March 23, 1911 4 miles East & 3 miles South of Trufant Had been in ill health, found her deceased in bed Daughter - Sarah Ann Roosa.  Age 74 yrs, 1 mo, 24 days
Olsen, Karen January 22, 1912 Near Trufant Cause unknown, poss old age, general disability and recent illness age 89 yrs, 9 mo, 23 days
Parkes, Jesse A December 7, 1914 Al Beardsley's farm, Evergreen Twp Accidental gunshot wound Happened while hunting with friends.  Parkes married to Ray Harrington's niece
Price, Charles January 17, 1903 Greenville, Ranney Refrigerator Co Boiler explosion  
Rosin, Emily Mrs. September 15, 1917 Not given "Eplepta Spasin" & strangulation d. at home
Sanderson, Daniel L January 25, 1919 Coral Natural causes d. at home>
Sanford, Cornwell September 15, 1913 Village of Edmore Died while working for Pere Marquette Railroad - didn't have ample protection while cars were being handled  
Sheehan, Mary September 5, 1915 Maple Valley No cause given d. at home of daughter, Mrs. D.W. Shaver
Smith, Sidney E July 28, 1911 3 miles N and E of Trufant Sick a long time; was in poor health when he left the house, crawled under a fence and never got up. Age 47 yrs, 5 mo, 8 days
Smith, Voyle December 9, 1901 Greenville Drowned when he was skating on the Flat River and fell through the ice Age 11 yrs
Soloman, Louise April 10, 1909 Pierson Broken neck from falling between the buggy and wheel  
Stanton, Ira January 17, 1903 Greenville, Ranney Refrigerator Co Boiler explosion  
Stout, John March 20, 1919 Maple Valley Found dead at home  
Van Guikell, Garrett March 4, 1916 Pierson area, Reynolds Twp. Possibily self-inflicted gunshot wound Wife - Addie
Vangelder, Katie (Mrs) January 29, 1900 Father's granary, Winfield Twp Suicide - hanging Father - Cornelius Vansickle
Weishan, Herman Feb 13, 1889 Richland Twp struck on back of head by falling tree  
West, George L August 9, 1900 Greenville Drowned in the Flat River Age 3, was with 2 other children: Howard Arntz, age 6 and Bert Arntz, age 3
Yakely, Able Dec 24, 1897 Ferris Twp  Heart failure   Age 54 yrs, buried Ferris Cemetery - did not live in Montcalm Co
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